Spring Clean-Up Bee

Here are some photos of our May 23, 1998 clean-up bee. The cargo area of the station was home to all variety of junk from old machinery to product catalogues to cinders. A large proportion of the mess was hauled away which not only makes the building look better (on the inside) but reduces future fire risk. Click on the small image for a full-size version.

Inside the Passenger Area

Inside the station, the front door through which the passengers entered and bought tickets. The window on the right once was in three sections. Two narrower windows flanked the existing window.
The ticketmaster's room. Tickets were sold through the arched opening to the right. It has since been converted to a doorway but once was only a window and had a sliding window.
The ceiling of the ticket area is covered with tin-plate. 95% of the tin-plate is intact and in relatively good condition.
A closer view of the tin-plate ceiling.

Inside the Cargo Area

Doorway from the cargo area to the baggage room. There is significant fire damage here.
The old brick chimney. A stove vented into this chimney from the baggage room. The bricks are supported on a large wooden base.
The ceiling of the cargo area. This is the back left corner ofthe cargo area. This part of the roof is in the worst condition. Rain has also rotted out the floor under this area.
A loading ramp discovered among the junk. It's been retained for historical purposes.

The Clean-Up

Assessing the mess in the cargo area. There's everything including the kitchen sink.
The workers take a break outside one of the rear cargo doors. This door was cut out with a chainsaw by the fire department to fight one of the fires.
Continuing to clean up the mess. Here we're examining a 40's era (I think) stove. The stove has been retained.
A view of the load of junk. Much of the rubbish was half burnt wood and papers.
Some of the scrap metal found in the station. A separate load of metal was taken away as well.
While we were working, people dropped by to say hello and were treated to a small tour.