About the HHRSA

The Hespeler Heritage Railway Station Association (HHRSA) is a group of volunteers dedicated to the purchase and restoration of the CN (ex GTR) railway station in Hespeler (Cambridge), Ontario, Canada. Our mission statement is below:

Mission Statement

The Hespeler Heritage Railway Station Association is located in South-Western Ontario, Canada. We are a non-profit organization which plans to purchase and restore the Hespeler CN Railway Station in its original style. These web pages contain information on our current activities and future plans.

Most people ask what we intend to do with the station once restored. To this end, we circulated a questionaire to the people of Hespeler and asked what they would like to see in the building. The two most popular responses were:

  1. family restaurant
  2. community centre
So, our goal is to accommodate the possibility of either end use. When we begin restoration, we will be conforming to the most demanding requirements (eg. upgraded electrical and plumbing). Thus, the building will be prepared for either a restaurant (more demanding) or community centre (less demanding).

More information is available in our by-laws. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us.

HHRSA Executive

The board of directors for the HHRSA are as follows:

Chairperson: [currently vacant]    
Vice-Chairperson: Brian D. Switzer Guelph, Ontario (519) 766-9870
Treasurer: Andrew Bienhaus Cambridge, Ontario (519) 658-5981
Recording Secretary: Sylvia Groh Cambridge, Ontario (519) 654-9197
Membership Co-ordinator: John Lytle Cambridge, Ontario (519) 622-1601
Building Chairperson: Mike Moyer Cambridge, Ontario (519) 624-1850
Fundraising Co-ordinator: [currently vacant]    
Community Liason Chairperson: Gerry Astley Cambridge, Ontario (519) 658-2184
Past Chairperson: Paul Langan Cambridge, Ontario (519) 654-0089