Here are some photographs of the station. Hopefully we'll be adding more pictures as time passes. I'd like to post pictures of the ongoing restoration when the time comes. To see the full-size picture, click on the thumbnail image.

Paul and Mike in front of our Christmas parade float. Excellent work on the float!
Spectators await Queen Elizabeth II's royal visit on its way through Hespeler. Flags and a fresh coat of paint were added to the station in honour of the occasion.
Queen Elizabeth II arrives in Hespeler. She waves from the back of the train while the RCMP officer watches over the situation.
Mail and express is exchanged at Hespeler as the engineer looks back awaiting the highball to start train 173 on its way to the next stop at Guelph. September 1955.
"Mildred (Fisher nee Pyrah) taken at Hespeler Station."
[Hespeler, Ontario Grand Trunk (later Canadian National) Station ca. 1942.]
Photo courtesy John Fisher.
Hespeler's industrial core circa 1930. The station is just behind the tall smoke stack at the upper right of the photograph.

Grand River Railway - Hespeler Station

At one time Hespeler was home to two railway stations not more than 300 yards away from each other. The second station was the Galt Preston & Hespeler Street Railway and later the Grand River Railway (CP Express). This was an electric railway which offered passenger service between Galt, Preston, and Hespeler and then on to such destinations as Kitchener and Port Dover. The station was directly across Guelph Avenue from American Standard but unfortunately no longer exists.

Here are two photos of the station: