Minutes of Executive Meeting

December 9, 1996

Meeting Started: 6:50pm

Present: Andy Bienhaus, Brian Switzer, Paul Langan, Patricia Tanner (on behalf of Terrell), John Gunther
Absent: Ondrej Recnik

Minutes of previous meeting: accepted and approved.
Note: New minutes will be kept by secretary, including vote results on all items discussed for group approval of action. Standard format will be used to report; For/Against/Abstained.

Treasurer's report: not available.

Items of Discussion:

  1. PO Box responsibility discussed. Andy will look after for now, for sake of convenience. 5/0/1
  2. Bank account signatures completed. Two out of three must sign. Three will be Terrell, Andy and Paul. Patricia to return forms to bank, once Terrell has signed. 5/0/1
  3. Put monies already collected into new bank account. Andy to meet with Ondrej. 5/0/1
  4. Ledger of bank accounts and financial records, to be kept on computer. Printouts and reports available any time, and at major meetings. Andy will look after. 5/0/1
  5. Registered charity option. Andy was given necessary forms, and will take responsibility for it. If incorporation is required first, further contact with the lawyer will be made. 5/0/1
  6. Put meeting date and bowl-a-thon and new postal address on web site. Ondrej absent - Deferred to next meeting.
  7. Continuing survey collection report. Details and bills on expenses incurred also required, for prompt reimbursement. Ondrej absent - Deferred to next meeting.
  8. Membership report. Ondrej absent - Deferred to next meeting.
  9. Membership records to be transferred to a computerized system. Will ease mailings, phone lists, accounting. Andy will look after this, as part of accounting. Andy to contact Ondrej for up to date records. 5/0/1
  10. Fundraising report. Ondrej absent - Deferred to next meeting.
  11. Liability insurance. Brian has had some good progress with various companies, and continues to pursue exact quotes. Should have report by next exec meeting.
  12. Phoning required for upcoming public meeting. Patricia to contact Ondrej for an up-to-date list of names and numbers, and will organize the phoning. 5/0/1
  13. Future public meeting dates. Paul to inquire with Johnson Center as to available meeting dates, and book them if necessary. 5/0/1
  14. Environmental issues of property. City has confirmed all responsibility is with the M.O.E.. M.O.E. has stated that there is absolutely no problem, and will confirm shortly in writing to Paul. Discussion also related to the fact that as it is leased property, responsibility for such things falls on the owner of the land, not tenants.
  15. Bowl-a-thon is January 25th, 1997. Flyers, posters and pledge sheets to be handed out at Dec 16th meeting. 5/0/1
  16. CN Dealings. Paul should have approval for purchase and details by Dec 16th meeting.
  17. Building restoration. More accurate quotes are needed on fixing the building up, before we purchase. Andy will contact local professional contractor that he has dealing with. 5/0/1

Next Meeting: December 16th, 1996. Public Meeting. We will discuss further, following that meeting.

Meeting Ended: 7:40pm