Minutes of Executive Meeting

January 13, 1997

Present: Paul, Brian, Andy, Mike, John.
Absent: Ondrej, Terrell.

Meeting Started: 6:45pm.

Previous Minutes: Not Available.

Treasurerís Report: $1,002.24, present balance. Note: should be higher

Fundraising Report: Not Available.

Items of Discussion:

  1. Contractor - Pictures and drawings are being reviewed by another local contractor, for a professional estimate of possible costs or pitfalls. -Andy
  2. Mailbox forwarding. To reduce workload on Ondrej, should mail for HHRSA be forwarded to mailbox? Ondrej to be asked. Voted 5-0-2. -Andy
  3. Company of Neighbours. There is a problem with poor communication. Every effort will be made to work together with them. John will act as liaison, with other outside committees. They will be in touch with us. Paul to locate time and place of next meeting, so we may be present, if invited. Voted 5-0-2. All agreed that while it has been unfortunate, internal organization had to come first.
  4. Terms Amendments. Terms of Reference were discussed and modified. Copy attached. To be approved and signed, next executive meeting. Voted 5-0-2.
  5. Package of information for Sheila Copps, Heritage Minister has been prepared. Paul will send it, and follow up, to see if there is any support from the government. Voted 5-0-2.
  6. Intent to Purchase letter to be delivered to CN. We wish to advise them that communication should begin, and we are now prepared to move forward. Abandonment issue could cause problems, so we should accelerate process. Paul to look after. Voted 5-0-2.
  7. Bowlathon. Update as to recent news. Prizes are coming in. No report from fundraising chairman on this fundraising issue. More details to be discussed at next executive meeting.
  8. Workfare help on the station? John and Paul to approach the local MPP. Voted 5-0-2.
  9. Insurance. Brian is investigating some other companies. Suggestion put forth, that two million liability is becoming more common, and is required to use community booth at new Cambridge Center. Will investigate further.
  10. Building Schedule. Mike is developing a chart of reconstruction for the station, to detail out the steps to be taken.
  11. John has restoration concerns. We need long-term stable funding. Many options discussed. Deferred until future meeting.
  12. Date of next meeting set, January 20th, 1997 at Paulís house. 6:30pm.
  13. Meeting Ended.

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