Minutes of Executive Meeting

January 20, 1997

Meeting Started: 6:35pm

Present: Paul, Andrew, Brian, John, Ondrej and Mike.
Absent: Terrell (see below).

Minutes of previous meeting: accepted and approved.

Treasurerís report: accepted and approved

Items of Discussion:

  1. Terms of Reference final draft - all read, approved 5-0-2, all parties present signed.
  2. Bowlathon - prizes will be given for many categories - approved 6-0-1
    - Paul is to make use of phone list, and get people out.
  3. Membership - list of members to be completed and up to date by next meeting. Andy will facilitate this in conjunction with Ondrej.
  4. CN Report - CN is aware of our intention to purchase, work is ongoing in this regard.
  5. Assessment of Building - CN will let us in once more, to have a professional asses the condition of the building. Approved for Friday - 6-0-1
  6. Community of Neighbours - meeting on Feb 4th, 7:30pm, Brian and Andy to attend and meet with the group. Focus is to foster good communications between the two groups.
  7. BIA - Meeting on Feb 5th, Paul to attend and meet with the group. Similar focus to CoN meeting.
  8. Resignation - Patricia & Terrell Tanner have resigned. Time commitments elsewhere have taken their toll. They will be missed, and a small note from Paul will thank them for their help.
  9. Replacement Secretary will be left open for now, pending station purchase.
  10. Fundraising Report - Unavailable.
  11. Building Report - Unavailable.
  12. Future reports will be expected at each meeting.

Date of Next Meeting: Feb 10th, 1997 - 6:30pm.

Meeting Ended: 7:45pm

One Attachment: Current Financial Statement.