Minutes of Executive Meeting

February 10, 1997

Meeting Started: 6:50pm

Present: Paul, Brian, Mike, Andy
Absent: John, Ondrej (see below)

Minutes of previous meeting: accepted and approved.

Treasurerís report: accepted and approved

Items of Discussion:

  1. Company of Neighbours. John will be our spokesperson and voice on the CON. We will need an information flyer for them to have available at the CON, Brian will look after this. We will also need a box for deposits, submissions, memberships, Mike will look after this.
  2. Business Improvement Association. Meeting was held in Tim Hilborneís office, our local lawyer. A local city plannin official suggested some problems with zoning and environmental issues, that relate to the station. A letter was drafted, reviewed by this committee, and sent to his office for clarification of the details of his concern.
  3. Images of Our Past Showcase. Will be Saturday 22nd of February, at the Cambridge Center Mall. We are entered. Will take TV, pics, video, T-shirts, etc. Signs will be assembled and readied. Mike, Brian and Paul will attend, Andy gave his regrets due to previous commitments.
  4. Charity Status. We have been advised that more information will be required, and some changes to our terms of reference, may be advised to assist in a smooth application for charitable status. Andy will investigate further, as to what exactly is required. Most should be cosmetic, and wording issues.
  5. Insurance Status. Official quotes have been submitted to major insurance companies for detailed quoting. Brian will report back, as information becomes available.
  6. CN. Still in progress. Personnel changes within some departments at CN, appear to be complicating and delaying the approval for disposal of the station by CN.
  7. Federal Charter. Some have suggested that this would assist us in our goals. Paul will investigate in further detail.
  8. Resignation. Ondrej resigned his position, as of January 21st, 1997. Most paperwork in his possession has been turned over, and the web site documents have been transferred. The only remaining details include the blank membership cards, still in his possession, and some outstanding expenses we owe him, that he has yet to submit receipts for.
  9. Upcoming meeting: February 17th, 1997. - Working meeting to prepare for Mall display.
  10. Date of next meeting: March 3rd, 1997. - Regular business meeting.

Meeting Ended: 7:40pm

One Attachment: Current Financial Statement