Hespeler Railway Association Meeting Minutes

April 29th, 1998, Johnson Centre

Present: Paul Langan, Andy Bienhaus, John Lytle, Carol Szwajkowski
Absent: Gerry Astley, Brian Switzer, Mike Moyer, Sylvia Groh

1. Treasurer's Report

assets at $3,350.00

2. Correspondence

Provincial L.A.C.A.C. (Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee) Conference, Kitchener May 29-31, 1998. Decided to inquire about having a handout available at conference registration table.

Received registered charity status by Revenue Canada by mail. Paul will give Andy all documentation received from Revenue Canada on this subject by next meeting.

The HHRSA booth at the Model Railroad booth was well received. A phone call to organizers thanking them was done by chairperson.

3. New Business

Goals and Objectives for 1998

  1. Dealing with CN - Andy reported progress in dealing with CN is going well and much more quickly than in the past.
  2. Ownership of Fergus Sub. - It has been reported in a press release by CN that they are shortlining the Fergus Sub.
  3. Website Update - Brian was doing an excellent job of updating the website.
  4. Clean-up/securing of station set for May 23rd, 1998.
  5. To incorporate HHRSA - Paul to call lawyer and hand over documents to lawyer to pursue this.
  6. Next meeting May 27th, 1998, 7pm Ted Wake Lounge.

Minutes taken by: Paul Langan